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Continuing Education Degree – What to Be Careful Of

Continuing Education Degree – What to Be Careful Of

Here are a few things to be careful of before you decide on which online degree program to enroll in:

Class Formats That You Hate – All schools use various different methods to present the learning material to the students. Whether it is videos online, books, conversations and discussions online with the teacher and/or other students. Make sure its a learning format that you are OK with. If you don’t like to work in groups then make sure the classes you are taking don’t all require you to work with other people online. Make sure the learning format is one that you are comfortable with.

Cost – Tuition rates vary between schools significantly. Some state schools in low cost of living areas charge close to $100 per credit, while other private schools who offer degrees through continuing education charge upwards of $450 per credit or more. Make sure you find out what options the school has available for financial aid as well. See if they offer federal financial aid or private loans for financial aid. Those factors will make a difference in your overall costs.

School Reputation – If the school is an “online degrees only” school. You might find that the school reputation can make it difficult for you to find a job later or to pursue graduate or post graduate education. Since you are going to pay the tuition costs and do all the work required to get the degree, make sure it is from a school that is reputable and has solid credibility.…