Army Continuing Education

Army Continuing Education

Army Continuing Education is an effort that is highly encouraged. From a private to a Sergeant Major, all are encouraged to enhance their educations and obtain their degrees. Officers are also encouraged to further their education, in their chosen field and with other opportunities. Army Continuing Education is a theme that is often heard throughout both the active duty Army and its reserve and National Guard components.

Each Army base has some form of Education Office. A soldier can visit this office for information on continuing education. They can sign up for correspondence courses. They can take the CLEP test. They can see an education counselor to plan for their college education. Some education offices offer college classes on the premise where others work with colleges and universities in the area to provide classes for military members to attend. However, online military-friendly universities offer great flexibility for active-duty soldiers who need their study schedules to fit around their military responsibilities.

Each enlisted soldier attends an Advanced Individual Training Course also known as an AIT. This is their job specialty and the area they will work on during their Army career. Once they graduate from this course and are shipped out to their first duty assignment, they are encouraged to start taking correspondence courses in their MOS, Military Occupational Specialty. They can also take correspondence courses in basic soldier skills, such as first aid, NBC and a land navigation course. The Army rewards soldiers with promotion points for every five credit hours of correspondence course they finish.

CLEP test are available to soldiers. These tests are where college classes can be challenged. A soldier who takes these tests and passes will be awarded college credits. They are available in many different topics, such as math, English, science and specialties such as nursing and computers. The education office will have a list of available test. These tests are available at no cost to soldiers who qualify for the specific test and pass them.

The Army also encourages continuing education through its Tuition Assistance program. Through this program, the Army will pay for up to 100% of the tuition cost for qualifying classes. This program provides financial assistance to active duty soldiers to obtain college credits toward their degree. This form of Army continuing education is available all over the military community. The program covers $250 per credit hour for any qualifying class. The solider will be responsible for any cost for books or incidentals. A soldier must also apply themselves to pass the class. If they fail the class they will have to pay back the money that was paid for them to attend.

The Army has a wide variety of programs that it offers to encourage soldiers to continue their education, even after serving on active duty. The Veteran’s Administration administers the many GI Bill benefits that are available. A soldier who has served their time and qualifies may be able to qualify for further financial assistance to obtain their degree.

Also available are scholarships geared specifically for those who served on active duty. Some may even qualify while still on active duty. The education office or the Veteran’s Administration may have this information as well. Schools counselors may also be a source of information for this continuing education resource.

The Army continuing education effort is for the soldiers that serve our country proudly. It gives them the opportunity to receive job training and an education while doing that service. A soldier who applies themselves can leave the military with job skills, job experience and educational benefits.

This article is based on publicly-accessible information and has not been reviewed or approved by any military branch.