Christian Promotion and Jobs – 4 Steps To Preparing to Be a Leader

Christian Promotion and Jobs – 4 Steps To Preparing to Be a Leader

Do these words go together? You better believe it. If you want a promotion on your job, you need to become a better leader. Everyone is called to be a leader at some point in their life. You never know when you are going to be called to be a leader. In this article, you are going to learn 4 steps to becoming prepared to be a leader at any given time. This will give you the edge when it comes time to be promoted to a better position at your job.

4 Steps To Be Prepared To Be a Leader.

1. Continuing Education

2. Monthly Seminars

3. Leadership Conventions

4. Read 15 minutes a day minimum.

Continuing Education

It is important to get continuing education for any profession. TEAM has a continuing education program which consists of 2-6 cds weekly and 1-2 books every month. This is a personal development and leadership training system that you receive bi-weekly. You will receive cds that will touch all areas of your personal and professional life.

For the price of a guru course or one-time seminar, you can be getting ongoing education that you can learn and apply daily.

Monthly Seminars

You can attend a live TEAM leadership seminar once a month to be associated, get motivated or just learn more about leadership. If there is not a location near you, it is possible to watch a live webinar.

It is very important to become associated with positive like-minded people. If you can hang around with leaders on a monthly basis, you will get motivated to be more successful.

You become like people you hang around. If you want to catch the flu, get around people with the flu. If you want fleas, get around dogs that have fleas. If you want to expand your dreams, get around dreamers.

Leadership Conventions

You can attend a quarterly TEAM Leadership conference. Your life will be changed as you listen to leader after leader and keynote speakers. Top economist, Paul Zane Pilsner was a keynote speaker at several of the TEAM leadership conventions.

Reading 15 Minutes a Day.

One of the best habits you can start today to become a better leader is read 15 minutes a day. I have written before that you should get in the habit of starting your day off by reading one Bible verse a day. I would definitely recommend reading a book, preferably on leadership every day. TEAM sends out 1-2 books a month on a regular basis. This is a book chosen by the TEAM policy council to help develop leaders developing leaders.

Now that you know 4 steps to preparing to become a leader, the next step is to check out the TEAM leadership and personal development system.