CPE for CPA’s: Continuing Education Requirements for Ohio CPAs

CPE for CPA’s: Continuing Education Requirements for Ohio CPAs

There are two types of licenses issued by the Ohio Accountancy Board: the Ohio CPA permit and the Ohio CPE registration.

1) The Ohio CPA permit

The Ohio CPA permit is required of all certified public accountants and public accountants who:

practice public accounting services or

perform regulated services

What are Public Accounting Services?

Public accounting services are services performed while employed by a public accounting firm.

What are Regulated Services?

Regulated services are performed in an organization other than a public accounting firm.

2) The Ohio CPA Registration

The Ohio registration is only for CPA’s who are not employed in public accounting and do not perform regulated services. Ohio CPA licensee who uses the Ohio registration must use the term “Inactive” after the CPA designation. When used in print, this designation must be at least as prominent as the “CPA” designation.

“Out of State” Status

“Out-of-state” status is for licensees that no longer live in Ohio. To obtain this status, the Ohio CPA must live, work, and be licensed to practice public accounting in another state. If the CPA sends the Ohio Board acceptable verification of the valid license in the other state, he or she may keep the Ohio license status in good standing. A copy of the other state’s license with an expiration date is considered to be acceptable verification. “Out-of-state” status does not require a fee to the Ohio Board, if the CPA holds a valid license in the other state.

“Retired” Status

A licensee who retires can use the term “Retired” after the CPA designation, after informing the Ohio Board of retirement status in writing. If used in print, the term “Retired” must be at least as prominent as the term “CPA.” There is no fee to keep “retired” status.

Ohio CPA License Renewal and CPE Requirements

The Ohio CPA license renewal period begins in October or each year and ends on December 31.

Continuing education is required for the renewal of the Ohio permit and for Ohio registration holders who desire to obtain an Ohio permit. The Ohio board requires 120 CPE credits in the three years preceding application for the Ohio permit. Credit earned for obtaining the Ohio permit may be used again to qualify for license renewal.

Continuing Education Requirements

To obtain or renew the Ohio permit requires 120 CPE credits over a three-year period. Continuing education is due on the license renewal date for all Ohio permit holders.

To obtain a New CPA permit requires 40 CPE credits over a two-year period.

All continuing education reporting periods, whether 2 years or 3 years, begin on January 1 and end on December 31.

CPE Fields of Study

Continuing education may be earned in any field that contributes to a licensee’s professional competence.

The CPA is responsible for retaining appropriate documentation for all CPE credit claimed. This includes adequate support for:

(1) Program attendance and/or completion, and

(2) CPE credit claimed.

A certificate of completion or transcript can serves as documentation when issued by the program sponsor as proof of attendance/completion.

Specific CPE Topics Required of CPAs by Type of Engagement

Ohio CPA’s who perform financial reporting engagements or financial reporting work outside public accounting while using the CPA designation (“regulated services”) must earn 24 CPE credits in accounting or auditing:

Ohio permit holders who who perform taxation engagements or provide tax advice to clients or who perform tax work outside public accounting while using the CPA designation must earn 24 CPE credits in taxation: