Invest in Yourself With Continuing Education

Invest in Yourself With Continuing Education

In today’s ever changing economic times it is more important than ever to you to continue on the path of continuing education. It is only by bettering oneself do you truly protect yourself from being the next casualty of this ever growing recession.

You need to start looking at continuing education as an investment into your self. It is interesting that people completely understand the importance of changing oil in the car in order to keep the car running at peak performance. These same individuals also realize the importance of maintaining their household so it will appreciate in value. Yet, most of these same individuals have not invested a single dime into furthering their own education.

Imagine you graduated from either high school or college 10 years ago and have taken no courses since then. This would be the same as not changing oil in your car for the last 10 years. No one in their right mind would find it acceptable to go 10 years without an oil change and expect their vehicle to perform at peak levels. Why would you expect your place of employment to be any different? When they are forced to make difficult cuts in difficult times, they are going to keep those individuals who have invested in themselves.

With so many choices available today there is no real excuse for you not to continue your education in some way. Continuing education does not have to be a complete curriculum like obtaining your law or nursing degree. Continuing education can be as simple as one class online or a local community college.

To determine the best path for you, you first need to determine in what area you want to continue your education. You need to start with the question – do I enjoy my field of work and do I want to continue in this field? If the answer is yes then look around at those who are either higher in pay or higher on the organization chart. Determine what skills they have that you do not. Do they have management experience and you do not? Management courses are very easy to find online. Do they understand the department budget better than you do? If so, all junior colleges offer many options for non-accountants to better understand accounting.

If you have determined that you do not want to spend the rest of your career in your chosen field then determine what truly inspires you that you would enjoy doing for the rest of your working life. Then take one class in that field. Do not make the mistake many do and dive in over your head and take a complete course load in that field. By taking one class online or at a local junior college you will keep your investment low and be able to determine of this new field of endeavor is as satisfying as you had envisioned.

The next time your place of employment has to make cuts this continuing education path will be noticed and they should recognize what a key asset you are. If not and they make the mistake of letting you go, you should have no problem finding a quality organization to work for that will recognize the investment you have made in yourself.