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When it come to the growth and development of human beings,there are very many challenges that are experienced,this can either be emotional or physical,this challenges are somehow good since they help in keeping you strong in the rest of your life.When it comes to the solving of the stress,it is good to research and find a good way of dealing with the stress,this will be of great benefits since you will come back to your normal good life.Mindfulness eduction is very essential for proper and healthy growth and development, therefore it should be encouraged .

The ever changing world has put very many people especially at a risk of loosing focus on what they are doing,it is therefore good for them to identify the most effective ways that will make to fully concentrate on the their main agenda hence preventing distractions.It is good to make sure that you find a proper way of dealing with your mental problems, this will make you to grow very healthy mentally, physically and socially.Mindfulness is the process of maintaining good body health, through the ability of you being able to be aware of what your mind is thinking and the sensation and feelings of your whole body.Mindfulness in education is very essential because it plays a great role in making sure that you identify and find the best solution to your mental and physical problems.This practice is has been researched and proven to be very good and efficient in the proper and healthy growth and development of people.

The mindfulness practice is very essential, this is because it plays an essential role in making sure that you are reduced from stress and you have maximum attention and concentration on the various main activities that you are doing.When it comes to the practice, the students are taught on the ways of identifying the mental or physical problems that they are experiencing,this is normally achieved through teaching them how to breath and listen to the signals of there bodies.The mindfulness practice is very good,this is because it helps people to deal with the natural stress that they are experiencing hence making them to grow healthy and strong.

It is very essential for students to go through mindfulness education, this is beneficial because it helps in making sure that they dedicate maximum concentration to the and focus on the main things they are doing,the practice is also very good because it helps in preventing and reducing of the stress.The students have also benefited from the mindfulness practice when it comes to the matters of thinking capacity,this is because it has helped them to think deeply, creatively and clearly thus making them to develop innovative solutions .

It has also helped very many students to be creative and develop good skills that can enable them to live a good and comfortable life.

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