Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Psychotherapy Practice

Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Psychotherapy Practice

Many private practice clinicians want to grow their business but do not know how to take the first step. There are many variables to consider when marketing a private practice. The following are strategies to consider when developing your approach to marketing:

Psychological perspectives: Remember that you are marketing and selling your services. You are not “selling yourself”. This is a mistake that many human service professionals make. Those who approach marketing their practice with the perspective that they are selling themselves, often experience more rejection and personalization. However, selling ones services relates directly to skills and knowledge offered to clients.

Give away your services for free: This is a great way to gain initial exposure for your practice and promote word of mouth referrals.

Continuing education: Pursue continuing education courses that contain marketing strategies and recommendations. This way, you will earn ceu hours or credits while obtaining necessary information to grow your practice.

Spend at least an hour a day marketing your practice: This one is a little challenging. As clinicians, we get caught up in HMOs, administrative duties, and of course, seeing clients. However, clinicians who consistently market their practice are much more likely to reap the benefits.

Become involved in the community: This can include becoming a member of your local chamber of commerce which often hosts professional mixers, business fairs etc.

Update directories: There are many professional directories out there these days such as professional organizations, local online, and HMO directories. Consider including at least a paragraph about your professional background and qualifications with each directory submission.

Develop relationships with other practitioners: Get connected to other clinicians in your area. Perhaps there are therapists in your area that do not see couples and are in need of a referral source. Or, perhaps certain practitioners in your area do not accept certain HMO’s that you are contracted with. These relationships can prove to be the bread and butter of many practices.

Read relevant books and/or literature: Throughout the course of your private practice career, it is important to continue your education on marketing by reading relevant books, completing ceu courses, and/or attending workshops. Ask your colleagues what has worked for them and what hasn’t

These are just a few strategies to help launch a successful marketing campaign. Of course, there is quite a bit of time and investment involved. However, the benefits of marketing one’s practice successfully and consistently are immeasurable.