Online Insurance Continuing Education Classes

Online Insurance Continuing Education Classes

The internet has impacted our lives in more ways than we can count. We are not just talking about the convenience of shopping online or the money saved each time we transact online banking. The biggest thing the internet has given us is flexibility, and one classic example is online insurance continuing education classes.

Insurance is a field that involves a lot of knowledge, and till a few years ago, it was required that agents head down to their local insurance training centre and spend a few hours each year as was mandated by the law of their state and get re-certified so their license could be extended. But it was quite inconvenient for a lot of people, and there are thousands of agents who lost out on their licenses because they could not make time out of their schedule and attend the classes.

After the internet took over the field of online insurance continuing education, however, the dropout percentage has come down drastically, thanks to the flexibility offered. Now, advisors can log on at any time from any place, and finish the subjects they are required to train on. Not only can they do the course online, but they can also take the test online, and get certified instantly! We know of the best online insurance continuing education classes portal which does not charge any money for agents to read the material and attempt the test. Only when the agents finish the test and pass do they need to pay the fees; and that too is only a small fraction of what one would need to shell out at an insurance academy. Example, to take the mandatory ‘Advanced Annuities’ module under California insurance law, it would cost an agent just $ 4 to read through the material (which is provided by the portal), take the test, and get certified! Compare that with what an insurance school would charge, and you know the amount of savings each module passes on to the agent.

It is very important to look into online insurance continuing education to fulfill all of your state requirements for insurance CE. You do not want to incur any state fines or penalties against your license. The last thing you want is the state to revoke your license and possibly your career and way of living! You also want to stay continuing your education for your clients. If you can’t advise them on different products and services, then who can?

Another reason why insurance CE (continuing education) online is so popular is because of the wide range of modules that can be chosen. Since training in insurance is an ongoing thing, a wide range of modules would let an agent choose new stuff each time they come into training. Not only will they avoid boredom, but will also keep upgrading their knowledge, and that’ll come in handy when they go out into the field. Check out a portal of the genre, and you will agree with us.