The Importance of Continuing Education of Natural Hair Stylist

The Importance of Continuing Education of Natural Hair Stylist

No truer words were uttered than “Education rules the nation”. This doesn’t only relate to formal education through the halls of public schools and higher education. This also relates to the education that we seek ourselves through life exploration and continuing education. This is gospel also in the natural hair arena. If you are a natural hair stylist, it is important that one doesn’t stop at the knowledge that was obtained by formal or self-taught educational programs. You must also take it on yourself to adopt a “life-long” learning approach to help sharpen your skills over the course of your career.

Lifelong education is as important for natural hair artists as any other profession. Everyday individuals invent new techniques of doing things quicker, easier, and better. As a natural hair professional, staying abreast of new techniques, products, hair styles, regimes, etc. will make certain that you are aware of what’s new. There are many ways of staying on top of the game. Look into educating yourself through workshops, internet exploration, networking with other stylist, books, and YOUTUBE.

Many workshops are available to introduce you to new techniques of dealing and styling natural hair. Invest in these types of opportunities and your clients will thank you. When it comes to workshops and training seminars, most will have a cost associated with them. So, you have to decide what is worth it to you. If the investment for the skill and information you receive can increase the price you charge for a services or will increase your income, then the training is well worth it. Know what you and your business will benefit from and you will help your business and service list grow.

YouTube has a great deal of videos that can teach you almost everything you ever wanted to know as it relates to natural hair care. You would be amazed at the number of things you can learn by exploring related tutorials and informational videos. For example, searching “dreadlocking tutorials” will return you a wide range of videos on the topic. Not that every video will be valuable, but the value found will far exceeds the trash. Educating yourself will help you to distinguish between what is beneficial and what is BS. After you have done your YouTube research, you will have the opportunity to subscribe to the channels that provide the best information.

The internet has mountains and molehills of knowledge, but sometimes the amount of knowledge can be overwhelming. Setting up “Google Alerts” for relevant topics will guarantee that nothing gets past you as it relates to content published on the internet. Setting up alerts that are delivered to your email box will help you in staying on top of what’s new and relevant in as it relates to natural hair.

Never be too above the opportunity to learn. Also, encourage your clients to go beyond the info you give them to find out things for themselves. In all things, never stop learning.