Tips When Searching For an Online Degree Program

Tips When Searching For an Online Degree Program

With so many schools and programs available via the internet an online degree program may be harder to select than you think! Almost every type of degree is now offered online. Schools started launching more online programs to stay competitive and increase student enrollments. There are many things to consider when doing an online search. In this article we are going to discuss some of the major characteristics of a reputable online degree. After reading this you will be able to narrow your search and hopefully select the most appropriate program that will fit your needs.

The first thing you want to ask a school is their accreditation. There are many different types of accreditation, but you want to make sure the school is regionally accredited. This is the highest level of accreditation according to the United States Department of Education. Regional accreditation allows a student to transfer classes from one school to another, teach at a University or college, and pursue higher education. For instance if you held a bachelor’s degree and wanted to apply to a master’s program. Regional accreditation is also what an employer will verify.

Once the school is regionally accredited make sure they have a physical campus. You do not want to attend a strictly online school. Hopefully the school has a brink-and-mortar campus that offers the same program you will be taking online. This ensures a high quality program because the professors are probably teaching both online and on campus. Also, try to make sure the school does not hold a stigma of being an online for profit University. Employers tend to look at that when they are interviewing potential candidates.

When talking with different advisors from schools make sure to ask about graduation rates and job placement. Job placement is rare, but it is a great feature for a student that is actively seeking employment. Many times a good school will have a job board just for their graduates. This is a huge benefit. You also want to make sure the graduation rate is high. Why would you want to attend a school where a lot of the students do not graduate? Hopefully you wouldn’t.

As you can see these are just a few tips when doing your research. There are many more things to consider like the cost, length, and structure of the online degree. Also, see if the school or program is nationally ranked. This is a bonus when applying for different jobs. Happy hunting!