Why Continuing Education Program Is Important

Why Continuing Education Program Is Important

Why continuing education?

Would you go to a doctor, mechanic, or even a hairdresser that does not keep up on what’s new in their field? I don’t think so.

My sister is a hairdresser. She gets magazines and books all the time with the latest hairstyles and new techniques. She reads books all the time to improve her people skills, marketing, etc. She even gets DVDs sent to her monthly so she can watch the new haircuts being done.

She does not look at the expense. She considers everything an investment. An investment in herself and in her business. She said one haircut or one new customer will more than pay for a CD or DVD, or even a book.

I consider the personal development and leadership program we are involved in the best investment I can possibly make in myself. I also get CDs and other books every month for spiritual growth from other sources.

I grab up all the great books at yard sales that I can find that are on our top 50 book list or a book that I’ve already read that helped me. I loan a good book to someone who needs it and when they bring it back they ask for another one that I would recommend.

I’m learning all the time and it doesn’t cost me a lot. Look at the price of college tuition or even 1 textbook.

I never went to college, but I tell people I am attending Leadership University whenever I want to. All I have to do is put in a cd and I’m there! I always have a CD playing in the kitchen first thing in the morning and every time I am in the kitchen.

Whenever I am in the car I turn my car into a rolling university on wheels by putting a CD. How much commuting time do you have everyday? Turn off the radio and put in a great CD by a proven leader or motivational speaker. You might just hear something that will make a difference in your life that day.

2 CDs a day will help keep the negative attitude away.